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12 June 2005 @ 07:25 pm
My world is gone [hell_done_over]  
It was dark, dark like the vast universe I had traveled eons ago. It was cold, nothing but a whisper of the wind amidst the dark and empty streets of this dimension, nothing but the echo of my own foot steps. Nothing left at all but the bitter taste of defeat and the sudden realization that I was alone in this vast empty world. A fallen and forgotten ruler, with nothing left but this shell and the humanity that clung with it.

I got up off of the ground and looked at my hands. I could no longer feel pain. All of my wounds had been healed, the gash on the side of my face and the point of exit where the demon's blade had penetrated me had healed, and there was nothing there anymore. All of the molecules that made up this form were intact. There was no damaged vessels, no damaged skin- no scars. It was if as though, nothing had happened at all. There was no more blood. Nothing seemed to be out of place, except for the distressing hollow feeling at the pit of my being... so cold, and so empty inside, reminding me of those few precious seconds of my birth and Winifred Burkle's death.

Still looking at my gloved hand, I willed the armor from my arm to fade and then return to its former state. Bringing back the hand to me and inspecting it, I tilted my head slightly. Then, decisively, I tried to shift the temporal folds of time once more, but the energy and molecules around me did not bow to my will as they had always done in the past. It would appear that all that I had once been was intact, up to the moment of my defeat.

I was still no longer a god, and now, I was alone in a world I had never been to before. Utterly alone, without a guide and armed with only my diminished powers and the memories of the shell to aid me in this new place. I tried to analyze the gravity of the situation. This place didn't seem to pose any real threat at the moment, but it had been my experience that such dimension always housed a bigger threat, the kinds that always seemed to present itself at inopportune times.

I looked around, trying to choose the best bath to take and explore, and find at least some trace of intelligence, or anything that could provide me with knowledge of this place, but there was nothing. This place was simply... deserted. I walked along the dark and empty streets, keenly aware of all the sounds around me. Mostly the wind and a few other sounds I couldn't quite place.

As I walked I began to wonder what had become of the others, Angel, Spike and Gunn. Had they suffered the same fate? Had they come out victorious? I supposed I would never know. I felt more alone now than I had ever been in my entire existence. I did not belong anywhere; I didn't know where I belonged anymore. Not this place, not this time. Not this world or any other.
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