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02 July 2005 @ 07:49 pm
What have I done... [hellmouth_napa]  
The anger that I felt was immeasurable and it only grew, fueled by the sight of such unworthy humans trying to lay their hands upon me thinking that perhaps they could do some damage to this rotted shell of a corpse. Such insects, all of them, fluttering about like moth, spreading their filthy wings and tearing each other apart for no reason at all. Stupid imbeciles, wasting their lives in boxes such as these.

I punched one of the males that had hit me as my back was turned to him. I punched him so hard I herd the crunch of his bones, and it made me smile. Humans were so weak, their bones break so easily, such a weak beings, they meant nothing, they were simply a species awaiting extinction.

I wreaked havoc, inside, breaking the hands and limbs of humans that tried lay their fingers upon me. And as I turned around and punched one of the females across the face I saw Wesley trying to get up off the floor, broken pieces of glass lay scattered about.

My betrayer.

He was the reason my powers were gone. He was the reason my glorious essence had been reduced to this pitiful state. We had a bargain, and I had kept my end, but he betrayed me! He turned me into something less than I already was. I would have rather been a titanic crater, a force blasting through out the walls of that wasteful building he worked in and been a mere memory than be this, this mockery of what I once was.

He would pay, and pay dearly for such a thing. He would pay with his life...

I began to walk towards the door, but my path was blocked by a few primitives. I smirked, and began to make paste out of their bones. They screamed and almost knelt at my feet and soon the path was clear.

Without a second thought and without looking back I rushed towards the door. And swung it open almost breaking it off of its hinges. Wesley would know the ecstasy of pain. He would know my name, and my face. I would be the last thing he would ever see.

Stepping out into the open, I began to feel different, something with in me had changed, and just as quickly as my anger fallen upon me, it also began to fade. Still, I could feel it in me, things were still not so clear. Soon I stood above Wesley, his face in perfect agony and I lifted him up by the throat, my fist ready to strike.

I tilted my head slightly and frowned... I wanted to strike. And then the moment was gone and my anger had melted way, but still the haze remained. And slowly, like the mist and morning dew dissipating, thing began reveal themselves.

"Wesley?" I asked, my hands still holding him firmly. "I- I don't understand," I began to feel something inside of me, something stronger than anything that I had ever felt before. Slowly I brought him down, and realized all that I had done.

I couldn't truly express what I was feeling right at that moment, I didn't have the words for it, and I didn't know how to say what I wanted to say. There was too much, so much all at once, and Wesley's pain felt like my own, his grievous state was had been all my doing, and I could not bear it at all.

"What have I- done..."
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