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the_god_illyria's Journal

Goddess Illyria

Former Warrior and Monarch over the "Old Ones"; ancient demons who once ruled the world

Immense physical strength and the ability to warp time

Being nearly beaten to death by Hamilton

Humans were not always the rulers of Earth. For millions of years ancient pure blood demons known as the "Old Ones" dominated the planet and fought each other for one thing alone - ultimate power. One of the most feared and respected demons of this age was Illyria, a monarch of unheard power whose land spread across what is now known as Los Angeles. Eventually defeated, Illyria was condemned to eternal slumber in a stone sarcophagus within a prison for the Old Ones known as the Deeper Well. As part of an pre-destined plan to bring Illyria back to power, her sarcophagus disappeared centuries later only to resurface in the lab of Winifred Burkle of Wolfram & Hart. When attempting to open the sarcophagus, Fred was infected with Illyria's essence and her body began to deteriorate as Illyria took over. After a slow and painful death in the arms of her lover Wesley, Fred rose again, only she ceased to be Fred: she had become Illyria.

Surprised at the amount of humans in the world, Illyria now had one goal: the retrieve her army and wipe out humanity. Possessing incredible strength and the ability to alter time, Illyria easily won every fight with Angel and the team. She made her way to the entrance of her former kingdom to assume control over her army. However, Illyria's temple was in ruins. Illyria realized she had nothing and no one and needed to find a way to live in the world of humans. Thus, she made a deal with Wesley to stop killing if he would help her adjust to the strange, new Earth. Illyria stayed at Wolfram & Hart, sparring with Spike and studying the world with Wesley. Yet her powers were too great for Fred's body and she began to self-destruct. Her time travel going haywire, Wesley sucked a vast majority of her powers into a device in order to prevent her from exploding. Left with only super strength, Illyria again mourned her situation but stayed with the team. She grew more interested with Wesley but he shunned her after she revealed she could change her appearance to look like Fred.

When tasked to guard Drogyn, she failed and was beaten mercilessly by Hamilton. Enraged and embarrassed, she agreed to be a part of the final mission against the Circle of the Black Thorn. After annihilating Izzy and his cohorts, she went to Wesley, only to find him dying from a mortal wound inflicted by Cyvus Vail. Changing her appearance to Fred's, Wesley died in her arms. Grieving, Illyria punched straight through Vail's head. Illyira met up with Angel, Spike, and Gunn at the final battleground and reported Wesley's death. Wishing to do more violence, she joined them in the ultimate battle.

[[Bio taken from City of Angel's Website]]

Disclaimer: This is an RP journal played by voodoobanshee. I do not claim to be Illyria. Her character and everything that goes along with it is owned by the WB, Angel the Series, and Joss Whedon.

Wesley and Illyria banner was made for me by angel_fade_away